luxury renovation of an apartement

Luxury renovation of an apartment

Modernisation, Restructuration, Aménagement

Are you looking for an architect for the luxury renovation of an apartment ?

Because renovating you apartment is not a trivial project, BAM is by your side every step of the way, from choosing the architect to the completion of the project, and share with you its work expertise.

For a partial renovation consisting in modernizing your loft?

For a complete luxury renovation of your appartement enhancing the prestige with more noble materials?

Or for a major renovation, to rethink the volumes by creating a tailor-made master suite and dressing room, restoring the moldings and the marble fireplace?

luxury renovation of an apartement

Sublimate an apartment?

1 – AUTHENTICITY: preservation of the charm of the old (stones, fireplaces, mouldings, bricks, exposed beams)

2 – NOBLE MATERIALS: use of Carrara marble, Burgundy stone tiles, Aremberg parquet flooring … The nobility of a refurbishment is guaranteed by the choice of authentic materials, known for their quality.

3 – TAILOR-MADE FURNISHINGS AND LAYOUTS : make the difference (designer lights, tailor-made furniture, genuine designer pieces, metals such as brass or bronze…). The mission of furnishing should not be neglected and should be well thought by the architect who will stage masterpieces without losing any space.

4 – LEVEL OF FINISHING: The architect ensures that the work is monitored by recommended and reliable companies as well as experienced craftsmen, in order to ensure the quality of the services provided, minutely.

Which architects for a prestigious renovation of apartment project?

1 – YOUR ARCHITECT’S EXPERTISE : knowing how to optimise large volumes, designing customised rooms, opening spaces to allow natural light, creating rooms. The comfort of an apartment must meet several criteria: circulation between spaces must be fluid and intuitive, reception areas must reflect the personality of the occupants while the service areas must be functional and practical.

2 – ITS ARCHITECTURAL STYLE : its personality, its influences, will determine the result of your renovation. Knowing how to strike a balance between originality, elegance and refinement, including your key works or pieces of furniture in his work, respecting your personality and your lifestyle are criteria that your architect must meet.

luxury renovation of an apartement
luxury renovation of an apartement
luxury renovation of an apartement
Above is an overview of a luxury apartment renovation by the Razavi studio. The project consisted of a complete refurbishment of a 145m2 Parisian apartment. At the request of the owners, multiple opportunities were sought to showcase an eclectic art collection, ranging from antiques to contemporary works. In the two living rooms, wooden-coloured niches with shelves were created to store and showcase these unique and singular decorative objects. Thanks to the materials used, the apartment has been transformed into a warm and contemporary living space that lets in the light and allows a fluid circulation between all the rooms. With the façade facing west, it became crucial to capture this natural light between the different spaces.

A BAM Archi accompaniment all the way to the end ...

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At BAM Archi you will find unique styles, personalities, experts, who will offer you 100% tailor-made solutions.

No compromise

We will help you in the choice of your architect, who himself will only work with quality craftsmen, that you will validate beforehand. The architect will be the guarantor of the quality of the work carried out, without any surprises or delays.

Peace of mind

Assistance in the procedures, site supervision, BAM Archi and the architects handle everything.

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